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[NEW ZEALAND] Cyber bullying is reaching epidemic proportions in secondary schools, prompting principals to throw their support behind extraordinary measures that could give them the powers to search and seize pupils’ phones and iPads.

Palmerston North’s principals want stronger tools to combat cyber bullying in schools, and are backing the Ministry of Education’s push to give teachers the right to confiscate pupils’ internet capable devices to find evidence of foul play in text messages, photographs, or online, in changes proposed within the Education Amendment Bill.

Education authorities in Australia rolled out on Friday an anti-bullying Web site that offers to children and parents fact on bullying and tips on how to deal with it.

The Bullying No Way! Portal features a choose-you-own adventure game that teaches student ways to deal with bullying and offers moderate for a where the kids could talk about their problems with fellow children. It could be found at

[UNITED STATES] Lawmakers in at least five states aim to stiffen or enact cyberbullying laws as national concern grows over electronic harassment and its deadly consequences.

One in four children targeted by cyber bullies with 350,000 suffering persistent torment

[UK] Teachers are also suffering from cyber attacks on a significant scale, according to the study. One in 10 teachers said they experienced technological harassment, 15 per cent said they felt afraid for their safety or that of their family.

Teachers also spent an average of six hours a week dealing with cyber bullying cases - costing the taxpayer an estimated £18million a year.